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E-Discovery Analysis

Focus your Dataset and Minimize Exposure

NeedleFinder's powerful e-discovery analysis technology enables legal teams to reduce costs and increase productivity by culling documents to only the relevant dataset while protecting from inadvertent production of privileged information.

The searching and culling tools are populated with the facts that have been extracted from the metadata contained in the evidence provided by the case's custodians. Using these tools, you can quickly sort and categorize documents as privileged, responsive, non-responsive, or confidential; or customize the categories as your case dictates. The software's unique Analyzer tool enables you to view all custodians' direct or indirect email threads and expose individuals you previously did not know about to mitigate risk.

More Than Search

NeedleFinder's technology goes beyond search to provide a comprehensive assessment of the evidence to protect your client or organization.

  • Filter documents by custodian, date range, file type, search terms, tags, document status, and more.
  • Tag documents, emails, attachments, and conversations on the fly.
  • Filter emails by domain, sender, recipients, subject, time, and many other fields; and choose whether to include duplicates, attachments, or email threads.

One Platform

Because it is an end to end e-discovery platform, documents reside in NeedleFinder throughout the lifecycle of the case. The Send Documents to Review button immediately transfers documents from Analysis to Review, eliminating the risks and frustrations involved with bulky exports.

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“We took 500 GB's down to 1 GB. I think that shows the power of NeedleFinder.”

Amy Catherine Dinn, Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP

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