Case Studies

  • Reduced 15 TB Dataset by Nearly 100% for Dallas-Based Multi-National Corporation
  • A large, multinational corporation based in Dallas had to produce documents to the DOJ as a result of an investigation. The target population included 160 custodians from 35 cities and 128 back-up tapes equating to 15 terabytes (TB) of data. Date and keyword filters were run in addition to deduplication across the entire 15 terabytes, reducing the data set to 500 GB, or roughly 1,000,000 records. Outside counsel based in Washington D.C. reviewed the documents using Equivalent DATA’s online review tool. Counsel identified 150,000 documents, or roughly 700,000 pages, that were converted to TIFF images and produced to the DOJ.
  • Reduced Dataset by 90% with NeedleFinder® Culling
  • A large national law firm hired Equivalent DATA for a civil litigation matter involving a patent dispute. The original data set involved 600 GB from 62 custodians. After the deduplication process and running date and keyword filters, the data set was reduced to 65 GB. Equivalent DATA converted all the potentially responsive documents to TIFF images which equated to about 2,500,000 pages. They provided the client with those TIFF images, data, full text and the original source files so they could be reviewed in-house using Concordance® with the IPRO viewer. After the review, the TIFF images were produced to the opposing counsel.
  • Culled 1.5 TB of Data to Cut Workload in Half for Drilling Technology IP Litigation
  • In an IP litigation matter involving well drilling technology, Equivalent DATA worked with a large Texas-based law firm who received 1.5 terabytes (TB) of data. After loading this initial dataset into NeedleFinder®, they were able to reduce the amount of data needing to be reviewed to 800 GB by applying their filtering and deduplication methods. The resulting data was hosted in their online review tool and produced natively.
  • Reduced Energy Company’s Emails & Attachments by 95% and Native Files by 99%
  • A large energy company based in Houston hired Equivalent DATA after they were not getting the results they wanted from an independent consultant. The energy company had to identify and review email and files that existed on the organization’s server, email server, and local hard drives that related to 43 custodians and provide these documents and data to their outside counsel for review. They then had to review and produce their TIFF images and database to opposing counsel in three weeks.
    Equivalent DATA first met with the IT Department and acquired the data. They loaded the data onto portable hard drives and transferred the data to their Solution Center in downtown Houston. After examining the data, they found they had 300 GB (approx. 22,500,000 pages) from 43 custodians. There were 302 Outlook .pst files, 600,000 emails, and 885,000 native files. The legal team knew they would never be able to review all these documents in time to hit the production deadline, so Equivalent DATA recommended filtering through the data. Through consulting with the legal team, they created custom filters based on dates and keywords and excluded certain file types, duplicates and near dupes. As a result of the filtering process, they reduced the email and attachments from 600,000 to 31,400, or a roughly 95% reduction. They also reduced the native files from 885,000 to 6,360, a 99% reduction.
    After the filtering process, they loaded the result data into the online review database so the legal team could further cull through the population and identify the truly responsive documents. All responsive documents were converted to TIFF images. The outside counsel wanted to perform one final check of the responsive documents, so Equivalent DATA exported the images, OCR text, and database information out of the online review tool and prepared it to be loaded into Summation®, the firm’s network database solution. After final review, outside counsel produced the TIFF images, OCR text, and part of the database information to the opposing counsel.
  • Produced 5.4 Million TIFFs to the Department of Justice in One Week
  • A large national law firm had to produce documents for their client to the antitrust division of the DOJ. The target population consisted of 65 custodians from six countries. The initial population was 300 GB of data.
    After running the date filter and de-duplication process, the data set was reduced to 220 GB. The legal team reviewed the 220 GB of potentially responsive documents in the firm’s network environment using Concordance®. After the review, the dataset was reduced to 100 GB and set for production. Equivalent DATA produced 5.4 million pages of TIFF images to the Department of Justice antitrust division according to their specifications in one week.
  • Produced Documents in Acquisition Creating Industry’s Fourth Largest Publically Traded Company
  • An international law firm representing a large, Texas-based corporation in an acquisition that made it the fourth largest publically-traded company of its kind in the United States engaged Equivalent DATA for processing and production. The dataset was 35 GB of native files and email in .pst format; paper documents were also scanned in Equivalent DATA’s Dallas office. Over 1,000,000 pages were produced to the FTC according to their specifications.
  • Loaded Data into Online Review Tool within 24 Hours of Request by Law Firm Representing Healthcare Services Corporation
  • A large regional law firm represented a Texas-based corporation which manages healthcare facilities. The company was being acquired by another group and, as such, was required to produce documents to the FTC. The client was also working with a large Washington D.C. law firm to help with the document review and production. The paper documents were scanned in Equivalent DATA’s Dallas and Houston offices and the electronically stored information (ESI) was processed in the Solution Center, Equivalent DATA’s Houston-based fully-redundant datacenter.
    The ESI consisted of both native files and emails from 34 different custodians. The email stores were in both .pst and Lotus .nsf file formats. A total of 40 GB needed to be processed to TIFF for review, as well as extracting out the metadata fields and searchable text. The hard paper documents consisted of 88 boxes in Dallas and 17 boxes in Houston. Both firms initially chose to perform the review using the internal networked database, Summation®. The goal of the review was to identify and remove privileged and sensitive patient information prior to production to the FTC. Two days after Equivalent DATA had delivered the data to the firm, they called and asked how quickly they could load the images and data into their online review tool. Equivalent DATA had the online database up and running the next day. The total hosted dataset was 116 GB. The review was complete within a week and a half, and the production sets were generated and delivered per the FTC request.
  • Sole Electronic Discovery Services for Joint Defense Matter
  • Four large defense firms turned to Equivalent DATA as the sole service provider to handle both the paper and electronic documents for a case surrounding issues that involved a Dallas-based corporation. Equivalent DATA scanned, OCR’d, coded, and hosted the paper documents in their online review database. The electronic document population began with an initial population that included 25 GB. The Joint Defense group asked Equivalent DATA to filter through the data identifying only the potentially responsive documents based on keywords and dates. Equivalent DATA also identified all duplicate files and near duplicate emails during the filtering stage. As a result of the filtering, they were able to limit the data set to include only 5.8 GB. They then loaded the documents into their online review tool for the joint defense team to review natively.
  • International Law Firm Utilized Online Review Tool for Review & Collaboration
  • In a true David vs. Goliath IP matter, the Dallas office for a large international law firm hired Equivalent DATA to handle the culling, review, and production of over 1.5 terabytes (TB) of original data. From the initial dataset, 500 GB were loaded into NeedleFinder® for deduplication and text-based filtering. The resulting dataset of 100 GB was loaded in their online review tool. The legal team used the online database to manage their review and collaboration, productions, and deposition preparation. Ultimately, the legal team was able to funnel the responsive documents to 300,000 images.
  • Converted 3 Million Files for Large Auditing Firm and Produced Documents to the SEC
  • A large auditing firm selected Equivalent DATA for a project that involved 3,000,000 pages of TIFF images from 12 custodians that originated from email and native files. They converted the email and native files to TIFF and provided the client access to the documents via their online repository. The client reviewed the documents and identified those which were responsive and needed to be produced to the SEC. Equivalent DATA created the production according to the SEC specifications.