Release Notes - NeedleFinder ® Web 4.3

  • Features
  • Robust Search
    Search by individual Doc ID, multiple Doc IDs, ranges of Doc IDs in NeedleFinder Review Search.

    Folder Documents from Save & Combine or Grid View
    NeedleFinder users can now folder documents from Save & Combine (Analysis) or from grid view (Review).

    Search by Production Information in Review
    Search by production from NeedleFinder Review Search (i.e. bring in production and use any filter).

    Add Review Folders on the Fly
    Add Review folders on the fly from the document grid, Linear Review, or the searching subtab.

    Privilege Logs
    NeedleFinder users can now customize privilege logs from grid view.

    Search by Review Folders and Production Fields
    Search based on Review folders or production fields.

    New Fields in Grid View
    BEG DOC, END DOC, BEG ATT, END ATT now available in search and grid view.

    Production Data More Accessible
    Production set data now visible per doc to easily determine what productions a doc resides in.

    TIFF on the Fly
    NeedleFinder users now have the ability to TIFF on the fly while in Review.

  • Enhancements
  • Analysis The preview window in the keyword search builder is no longer cut off on low resolution monitors.
    Analysis We have enhanced the performance in large cases regarding removing exports to Review from Analysis.
    Analysis and Review Our improved search builder is able to create multiple keyword sets without interrupting workflow, allowing for simultaneous culls and faster search results.
    Analysis and Review The method for which Administrators edit the permissions of inactive groups has changed so they are no longer editable.
    Analysis and Review Search sets will now remain intact if they are currently included in a combined search set.
    Analysis and ReviewCase startup duration has been greatly improved.
    Review Several new icons have been added or updated throughout the application.
    Review TIFFs will now render much faster. The file paths are now queried directly from the matter database without copying them to the case database.
    Review When printing to a local printer, the max number of pages warning message has been updated to be more clear for a user.
    Review When creating a batch, Unreviewed will be the only document status selected by default.
    Review The Review Tagging Conflicts tag is no longer deletable.
    Review The process for exports in Review has been greatly improved for enhanced speed.
    Review The windows within the application will now fit laptops more appropriately.
  • Defect Fixes
  • AnalysisDocDate could not be removed from the Document Grid in Analysis. This issue has been resolved.
    AnalysisIn the Document Details Grid, users were unable to sort by Tagged Date. This issue has been resolved.
    AnalysisIn the Decisions pane of Analysis, exports to Review were being undone even if the user would select Cancel. This issue has been resolved.
    Analysis and ReviewWithin the Analysis and Review Document Grids, Analysis Categories and Custodian names were indistinguishable after export. This issue has been resolved.
    Analysis and ReviewThe Folders popup menu was not populating with large cases. This issue has been resolved.
    ReviewA discrepancy between XMP data and the image viewer was deleting redactions on a few specific cases. This issue has been resolved.
    ReviewLinear Review would freeze when trying to access the page from the Review Searching subtab with zero records in the current cull. This issue has been resolved.
    Review An error would occur when the searching filters were accessed before the page had finished initiallizing. This issue has been resolved.
    ReviewLarge documents were causing a mix up in the document rotation for batches due to load time. This issue has been resolved.
    ReviewLinear Review would lock up when records were missing from the current case being reviewed. This issue has been resolved.
    Review When a user would attempt to batch records that were already in a batch, an invalid message would appear. This issue has been resolved.
  • Installation and Configuration Information
  • For hardware and software requirements, and configuration information specific to NeedleFinder®, refer to the NeedleFinder® 4.3 Quick Start Guide.