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Advanced E-Discovery Review

Fully Customizable Review Functionality

NeedleFinder's review technology allows for complete control throughout the review process. The intuitive interface and integrated support tools enable even a non-technical reviewer to quickly and easily uncover and review key documents. Get all the features you need for review, plus the seamless experience of a fully end to end platform.

  • Create document review batches, set priorities, and assign them to individual reviewers or groups.
  • Search by tag, custodian, date range, file type, category, status, extension, analysis category, keywords, domains, email threads, and custom fields.
  • Redact documents on the fly, and customize redactions with text.
  • “What would have taken two weeks to review took only one and a half days in NeedleFinder.”

    Chris Bankler, Sayles Werbner

  • Review documents in linear or grid view.
  • Apply bulk tags, or tag documents on the fly at the document, family, or conversation level.
  • View documents in HTML, .tif, or text; or download the native file.
  • Create production sets and produce documents directly from NeedleFinder.
  • Set documents as public or private, and designate functionality at the reviewer level.
  • Create and manage users, tags, rules, conflicts, fields, and permissions.
  • Monitor reviewer productivity, including docs per hour, hours logged, and records reviewed, with NeedleFinder's metrics dashboard.
  • Analyze, review, and produce all in one platform.
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“NeedleFinder is much faster than our in-house solution. I am reviewing approximately 500 documents in less than 30 minutes.”

Senior Regulatory Department Paralegal, Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP

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