The Solution Center

The Solution Center

Technology and Sustainability

Equivalent DATA's fully redundant datacenter incorporates the latest advancements in security, power, technology, and sustainability.

  • Separate fire suppression system designed for IT and data center
  • Video surveillance by 45 high-resolution infrared cameras recording 24x7x365
  • Interior access rights governed by card key access control system


The Solution Center takes your data security seriously. Biometric authentication readers limit access to the Client Data Storage Room; only key employees have access to this room. Card readers allow entry and egress out of “Secure Zones” to which those employees are assigned. Forty-five infrared cameras run 24x7x365. Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery is used to back up critical data every 15 minutes in two different locations. Other security features include:

  • Dual Cisco Pix Firewalls (256-Byte Encryption)
  • Sunbelt’s Ninja Software for Antivirus, Hacking, and Spam
  • Barracuda Networks’ Spam Firewall
  • Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition
  • Nagios – Network Monitoring Software
  • OSSIM Intrusion Detection Software
  • Ntop Intrusion Detection Software
  • 128-Byte & 256-Byte SSL Certificates
  • User Validation: Microsoft Active Directory with Password Update Every 30 Days
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The Solution Center is equipped with on site gas-powered backup generators and was built on top of a gas line, so the systems can run indefinitely without being dependent on the power grid. Whereas many datacenters may have a few imported backup generators, Equivalent DATA has harnessed an entire power system.


The Solution Center's infrastructure includes 60,000 feet of Cat-6 wire, 6000 feet of patch cable between patch panels and servers, redundant Cisco Catalyst 6509 switches, 40G Ether channels between switches, and bandwidth provided by multiple Internet carriers. A high-tech training center is available for attorney review, coding, and other client projects and events.

Sustainability and Green Construction

One of first buildings in Texas to have attained national prominence as a USGBC silver-certified sustainable, or "green," building, the Solution Center has been recognized with a variety of awards, including:

  • 2008 ENERGY STAR® Award, IREM Houston
  • 2006 Excellence in Construction Award, ICE
  • Best Private/Corporate Building of 2006, Texas Construction Magazine